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Our partnership with our brokers and mortgage providers are with some of the most trusted and recognized mortgage professionals in the industry. Their job as a partner to CalgaryMortgages.CA is to assist our clients (at no cost to you) in obtaining the best mortgage solutions for you! Their long lasting and established relationships with / as top lenders will be leveraged and put to work for you!

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We provide one great solution! Mortgage Matchmaking. Take the guesswork out of your next mortgage and work with a trusted mortgage professional in Calgary and surrounding area.

Calgary Mortgage Renewals

 Take comfort in knowing that our experienced and talented partners will go to bat for your upcoming mortgage renewal! If you’ve been renewing with your bank and not shopping around, you’ve been doing yourself a disservice and your bank a favour! Whether you’re coming out of a 1, 2, 3, or 5+ year mortgage term, many of our clients used to simply take the offer their lender sends over, this is a serious mistake and could inevitably be costing you thousands of dollars! Calgary Mortgages is here to provide you with a talented mortgage professional who will shop around for you. They do this by combining their knowledge of lenders and their desire for valued clients, with your history as a client! They’ll have the best lenders in the market place to go head to head against one another to see who will WIN your current and future business! This doesn’t just end with rates though, our partners are here to get you into an exceptional mortgage product, that begins with terms that are good for you as the client,  and a product that is tailored to your future needs and plans! The kicker? Your costs are covered! You will not pay us a dime to match you with an agent, nor for the agents services! Not only that, but our lenders will typically cover certain costs and fees that may be needed, such as an appraisal. 

CHIP Reverse Mortgage

CHIP is a mortgage product that’s a loan which is secured against the principal value of your home property. This loan option enables and allows you to take out up to 55% of your properties value into tax free cash! This allows individuals to stay in their homes for longer, and positions themselves to  be in a relaxed and balanced position for their retirement.

Access to hundreds of lenders

Our team of talented Mortgage partners have access to over 300 different and dynamic mortgage products to pick from – This includes options from the major banks, however they’re typically only offering one suite of products. Our process involves us understanding what your specific and detailed needs are, then matching you with one of our partnered agents who will analyze the best mortgage products that will suit your individual needs. From there, we will create a detailed plan for saving you the most amount of interest over throughout the entire term of your mortgage. By partnering with many agents, and not just being one individual mortgage broker, bank or mortgage agent, we are able to offer you the most competitive mortgage rates in Edmonton and surrounding areas. 

Borrowed Down Payments

Did you know that a 5% down payment is required to obtain a mortgage? In today’s economic climate, this can sometimes be challenging for home buyers and we’ve come up with a unique solution – We have a unique lineup  of products,  that allow you to borrow the down payment from a line of credit or a loan, which still allow you to obtain the best rates available on the market. The best part? We’ll even be here there to help you assist with obtaining your loan! 

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